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The revelation first came to the late Apostle Joseph A. Babalola by the Holy Spirit on October 1928 followed by a powerful revival and the establishment of Christ Apostolic Church in Ilesha, a town in Osun State, Nigeria. Since this time, the spirit of Pentecostalism/Evangelism has never been the same in Nigeria till today. Nigeria remains the International headquarters of Christ Apostolic Church.

It was on the 15th of July 1979 at a revival conducted by Prophet T. O. Obadare of the World Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry [WOSEM] -that a prophecy came out. A woman who prophesied for more than 2 hours during the revival program spoke God's message to the prophet and said that God wanted him to take the gospel to his citizens abroad who have neglected to follow Christ. Based on this prophetic instruction, Prophet Dr. T. O. Obadare brought the Gospel to United States and Europe starting in 1981. He founded Christ Apostolic Church of America, Inc. a/k/a Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM. (C.A.C.WOSEM). Although there have been series of persecutions, the prophet had endured by the grace of God. The work has expanded to many states in the USA, Canada and Europe. There are presently about twenty eight (28) churches throughout the U.S. and Canada This is all about the eagerness of God towards His creations.

General Overseer, Reverend Paul Obadare
Reverend (Dr) Paul Obadare is the General Overseer of Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM of USA, Canada and Europe. He is a dynamic, humble and seasoned minister of the gospel. Under his leadership, the ministry has been transformed to a more spirit filled ministry with unusual growth in all areas of the ministry.

Pastor George Oboh
Pastor Oboh is the shepherd of the Nashville Church. He is committed to preaching the righteousness of God and return of Christ. He is married to a beautiful wife and their union is blessed with wonderful Children.














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